Figment Interactive was founded as a home for imaginative software, e-commerce, media and internet companies. The company is like a figment of your imagination, it fulfills a spark of curiosity and imagination and attempts to make it real

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Meet Our Brands


Brings it all together

Our pets favorite toys and treats!

Tropical island products, foods, juices and goods.

We bring you only the news, no opinions

 Personalize and watermark your photos and images

Find your favorite snacks from around the world from organic to even “the good stuff”.

For the aspiring filmmakers and recording artists

Coffee and tea from around the world.  Get the booster or recharge in your day.

They closed our childhood toy store so we wanted to start to bring the toys to life here

Ecommerce of Charities
Coming Soon

 Laid back, relaxing clothes

Crowdfunding platform that supports developing nations and helps eradicate global poverty

More in Development

We love creative ideas for entrepreneurial marketplaces, software, entertainment and really anything that is a figment of your imagination. We invest in people with fun and imaginative ideas. Send us a note and we would be happy to chat.